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The Team

Kent Jenkins
Nigel Sayers
Football Director 
Greg Jenkins
Shane Scioneaux 
 Sportzplanet USA
Stephen Handisides
Digital Advisor

Our Story


Sportzplanet, we are Asia's most dynamic sports advisory.

CEO & Founder, Kent Jenkins, "Noting the gap in the market for regional expertise in how to deal and succeed in Asia, I wanted to bring my expertise to the market and help others work in the worlds most exciting region. Asia has an insatiable appetite for the sport, with a diverse range of sports fanbases. By tapping into these markets, sports organisations can build global following and create new revenue streams.

Asia is also at the forefront of emerging technologies such as esports, virtual reality and digital transformation. This all provides sporting organisations with new opportunities to engage with fans and build brands in innovative ways. This is the difference with Sportzplanet, by providing elite-level expertise, global knowledge and the 'know-how' to access Asia.


And why wouldn't you want to engage with the world's fastest-growing consumer market and fastest-growing sports market? Sportzplanet's mission is direct - we will increase your fan and revenue bases throughout Asia and globally. We tap into the culture and traditions of Asia to connect 'East & West' and we utilise the latest technology to deliver amazing journeys and outcomes in fan and consumer engagement."

Sportzplanet Pte Ltd

8 Temasek Boulevard

#35-03 Suntec Tower 3

Singapore 038988

Singapore USA Inc

105 E Reno Ave, suite 8

Las Vegas NV 89119 USA


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Singapore | New York

+66 98752 6269

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