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Bringing everything to digital life...




We are experts in sport and business. Over 30 years of collectively working in global markets, we have the knowledge and expertise to advise you of the right approach. We bridge the cultural gap and answer the uncertainties. Sport is big business, requiring a well managed and coordinated approach.


For any organisation or individual it's critical to have the right team behind you. Sportzplanet will compliment your business with well crafted strategies.


We capitalise on all available market opportunities to grow fan bases and commercial revenues in Sport.

Fan & Consumer



Providing seamless engagement for sports teams and organisations to conduct business. Backed by award winning platform software, we design the right strategy in athlete management, fan & consumer connectivity and market entry.


We have the knowledge, the understanding and the expertise in sport to take advantage of what's on offer. This is why many leading brands talk to Sportzplanet. 

Digital Sports Hubs


Technology designed to bring fans closer to the action, that draws sponsors closer to fans. All through innovative and customised digital experiences.


At Sportzplanet we don't just build, we create award winning seamless connection for a personalised digital fan and consumer engagement experience. Amazing fan and consumer journeys, we give your sponsors new reach and connection. 


Sportzplanet is helping drive the future of sports engagement. 

Brand & Marketing


A strong brand is governed by the meaning and promise of that brand. It's how so many sporting teams, organisations are so successful today with their merchandise sales, ticketing, memberships and camps. Representing that brand promise is also a critical factor in determining how successful you are.  So if you are not sure where to start in Asia, what market to work in, what language your message should be in.

We provide complete consumer market intelligence and strategic direction to grow your business. 

Elite Athlete

Elite Services

Our team has succeeded at the highest levels in sport and business. We know what it takes to get there and how to stay at the top. Providing guidance to athletes and sporting teams is what we excel at.

Access to the worlds best camps, clinics and academy's across all sports. If you've ever wanted to reach the top then this is where you start. We help plan and coordinate the way forward. 

Bringing you to Asia


The worlds fastest growing sports market. A world of opportunity exists here in Asia. Take advantage of the incredible consumer market demand and bring your team, your organisation to Asia. We will facilitate everything and ensure that you time is both successful and for the long term.  


Many leading Asian brands are looking for international teams, organisations and sports people, past and present to help in their brand awareness campaigns. 


Access &


"Sportzplanet is about engagement, we capitalise on all available opportunities to grow reach and connection. Using some of the most advanced digital technology we will create the most amazing journey for fans & consumers.


Talk to the team today"

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