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Country Selection

Eating local Thai food with loads of chili – a fiery reminder of how people get their selection wrong. And its moments like these that reinforce the importance of understanding local culture and traditions before diving into a new Asian market.

As someone who has seen countless businesses stumble into the wrong country, only to later claim that Asia is too challenging, I know first-hand the pitfalls that can await the unprepared. In Asia, the promise of remarkable growth opportunities beckons, but it's not a journey to be taken lightly. Success in this dynamic region hinges on meticulous research, thoughtful deliberation, and strategic decision-making. Choosing the wrong market can be a catastrophic misstep, getting it right can embark you on an exciting journey. So take the time to choose your destination wisely, for the rewards are undeniably worth the effort.

Case study ASIA - Selection (1)
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