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Inspike - Sportzplanet


Inspike Sportzplanet, we are a diversified sports centered business headquartered in the Gold Coast, Australia, and operating globally. In our short existence we have secured a volume of joint ventures, partnerships and contracts to deliver global growth and highly lucrative exits.


We operate in 4 defined verticals with a flexible methodology centered on building strong, structured, well governed businesses able to step from the startup/ scale-up structure into global corporates.

Combining strong commercial acumen, detailed market research, technology development capability and deep global networks, the Inspike partners and advisors have built an enviable portfolio of businesses carving out niches in some of the most interesting and advanced areas of the sports business sphere.

Image by History in HD
Image by History in HD


Our mission is to build quality teams around high potential products. To develop advanced software and systems in-house or outsourced whilst executing deliverable, logistically supported global commercialisation strategies. We will be structuring and facilitating global capital raising activity.


Inspike is seeking seed capital to fuel its continued expansion into Asia, Europe, USA markets. This strategic move delivers significant benefits for our current and future portfolio companies both in terms of access to new capital, and access to significantly larger markets.


The seed capital were seeking has three key applications,

  1. Provide operational bridging capital to hone focus on higher value, higher equity opportunities rather than fee for service

  2. Support business development activity in the Asian, European and USA markets

  3. Provide leeway for team growth to meet the portfolio size potential

Image by Ion Fet

Inspike Investment

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