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What is a Digital Platform

Simply put - Digital platforms are an 'online' space where exchange happens between the producers of products, services, and information and their customers.

Digital Platforms are designed yo bring people together to help facilitate social and commercial exchanges of goods, services and information which would not otherwise happen. They allow for faster innovation, providing a higher quality solution with increased reliability and reduced cost.

The customer sits at the center of the digital enterprise. Using digitsl technology to hand customers the reins will help drive longterm loyalty and spread awareness through the word of mouth. Essential for improved market penetration is that sponsors incorporate this technology. On a return basis digital tools implanted within a digital platform can also provide sponsors with more information about those fans and consumers so that they can tailor the timing, content, and delivery of messaging for greater effectiveness. Organisations must think of ways to leverage that connectivity to deliver a seamless brand experience. In sports, where the customer’s desire to own their experience unlocks myriad opportunities for value creation. Using digital technology to hand customers the reins will help drive long-term loyalty and spread awareness through word of mouth. Digital platforms enable you to quickly respond to customer requirements and feedback offering global reach

Create unique and individual fan journeys that engage people for hours and not minutes. Digital Platforms allow everything, from live streaming, video on demand, player and fan zones, training, networking sponsors marketplace, expo's, education, community notices. Unlock untapped potential for revenue growth by bringing in sponsors and retail options - experiences that can be sellable. And online platforms mean that companies can serve their customers effectively from a distance and reach new customers in global markets

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