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Market Dynamics

With half the worlds population living in Asia, the Asian market represents the go-to market for sports and business looking to expand their reach. Amazingly diverse, incredibly exciting, Asia should be your focus target .


The Asia-Pacific region is arguably the largest consumer market for the global sport industry. It is definitely the right time to explore opportunities in Asia.

Asia = 50% worldsPopulation


People & Culture

The team at Sportzplanet are internationally skilled and developed, working in the local and regional markets of Asia. At Sportzplanet we understand Asia, the culture, the political environment and the way in which decisions are reached. We understand the people of Asia. We are Asian experts.

We can help you reach and connect to your desired market. We will help you grow your sport, your brand and your reach.​ 

Asia = 50+ Countries

Driving Sport in Asia

Sport is big business and just like any business our team of experts prepare and plan well. Our aim is to mitigate risk and to help design and deliver the right results. For anyone who is involved in Sport and wants the right strategy for Asia, then we can help. 


Sportzplanet is a highly collaborative team of skilled professionals. With our head office located in Singapore we have reach throughout the Asia Pacific and Middle East. If you are looking at Asia for the next growth market then talk to Sportzplanet today.

Sportzplanet Pte Ltd

Suntec Tower 3, 8 Temasek Boulevard,

Singapore 038988

+65 6535 3382