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Welcome to Asia, the largest and fastest-growing consumer market globally. It's time to unleash Asia's boundless potential with Sportzplanet. Offering comprehensive cultural insights and strategies for success. As pioneers in conquering the booming Asian market, we specialise in breaking cultural barriers and delivering authentic engagement.


Asia is home to over 55% of the global population, with more than 65% of its youth residing in the region.


Trust us to lead your success in this dynamic landscape.

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Our markets

Areas of Engagement


Sports Engagement

Capitalize on the immense growth opportunities this region has to offer. Our proven strategies and innovative solutions empower businesses to navigate the dynamic landscapes of Asian markets, sustained growth and a competitive edge to drive your brand further.


Business Advisory

Invigorate your approach with expert analysis of the Asian market, offering valuable insights, competitor intelligence, and strategic guidance for seamless implementation. Stay ahead in the competitive landscape, leveraging our comprehensive knowledge of Asia.


Asian Strategy

Revitalise your business strategy for Asia ensuring the perfect brand penetration. We specialise in messaging that the local culture understands, aligning your brand with the right partners, fostering synergies that lead to mutually beneficial relationships.


Camps & Clinics

Discover your next Asian superstar with Sportzplanet. Bring your team, camps, and clinics to Asia, and let us assist you in coordinating the event, from logistics and venue selection to marketing and participant engagement, we'll be your trusted partner in the Asian region.


Sports Apparel

Equip your sporting team with top-quality apparel and merchandise through Sportzplanet. Whether you need kits, jerseys, or sporting equipment, we offer the best value prices. Let us handle everything from sourcing to delivery, ensuring your team is outfitted in style, ready to win. 


Pathway Programs

Sportzplanet specialises in promoting and distributing international sports camps, clinics, and events, specifically targeting Asian athletes. Join us in expanding your global presence and attracting a wider audience of athletes from the thriving Asian market.

Latest Buzz

Sportzplanet aligns with market leaders in Sport, Gaming and Entertainment, together we bring the best service offerings globally. Proudly presenting the Sportzplanet partners, friends and family.

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Its all about you

We thrive in Asia, connecting and creating intelligent, integrated campaigns and seamless customer journeys. We’re passionate about sport and the business of sport, pushing recognition and growth of your brand to new limits. If you are an international team, organisation or federation looking to grow, we are waiting for you.

Kent Jenkins - Founding Director/ CEO


Insights into Asia

Helping you determine your strategy in Asia.

Download your free Asian insight book from a variety of subjects. Our team covers Sport, Sponsorships, Entertainment, Gaming and doing business the Asian way. 

Let us know what you're looking for.

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