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So what is it?

A place where businesses and individuals can come together to interact with consumers in a new and meaningful way. A Business to Business and Consumer facing platform. 


Seamless engagement for sales, marketing, events, promotions, product launches, training and live events.  


How can your organisation benefit from being part of Sportzplanet? 

Design your own customer journey within your branded experience.  Use animation templates or real life photography of your facilities to showcase your products and services.

Connect other software platforms such as E-Commerce, Webinar, Booking systems, CRM software and social media for a seamless experience. 


Business to Business & Business to Consumer


Design your own rooms, such as,

  • Boardrooms - to host virtual meetings so you can discuss contracts, partnerships, sales and marketing strategies.

  • Design your own branded office to host all of your virtual meetings.

  • A networking area - the perfect area to host forums, in a relaxed and active area

  • A VIP Sponsored Area  - A private suite for members to watch live events or special invitation events

  • A Locker Room -   A place to learn more about the players, talk with coaches, download and watch pre-recorded or live training materials and content.

  • Merchandise -  A dedicated area for online shopping, to sell quality apparel.


Sportzplanet works with and promotes many different sporting disciplines such as soccer for both men and women, what academies are available internationally and the steps to take to become a professional.  We promote other sports such as American Football, Swimming, Rugby, Basketball and cue sports.  


As a partner you can use your portal to promote in person workshops and classes or scale you audience by selling your own courses online.  You can make your courses as interactive as you want with animations of sports fields and gamification to bring learning to life.     


If you are looking for a different level of interactivity to drive engagement, education and sales in Asia then Sportzplanet is your digital solution 


Time to engage

A strong brand is governed by the meaning and promise o that brand. It's how so many sporting organisations are so successful today. We understand this value and  commit at all times to working with your core values and enhancing them.

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