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Advisory services


We are experts in sport and business. Over 30 years of collectively working in globally, this allows us the knowledge and expertise to advise you of the right approach. We bridge the cultural gap and uncertainties. Sport is big business, requiring a well managed and coordinated approach. For any organisation or individual looking to achieve either in Asia or the US, it's critical to have the right team behind you.  To succeed requires expert awareness to consumer and market culture, knowledge of local tradition, an understanding to how decisions are reached. 

Advisors in sport & the business of sport.

  • Market assessment and market intelligence

  • Entry to Market in working through the barriers

  • Insightful advice & reasoning

  • Partnerships & Sponsorships

  • Contracts & Teaming Agreements


Brand & Marketing


A strong brand is governed by the meaning and promise of that brandIt's how so many sporting teams, organisations are so successful today with their merchandise sales, ticketing, memberships and camps. Representing that brand promise is also a critical factor in determining how successful you are.  So if you are not sure where to start in Asia, what market to work in, what language your message should be in.

We provide complete consumer market intelligence and strategic direction to grow your business. 

  • Brand definition & purpose in our region

  • Assessing consumer markets

  • Target audience 

  • Placement, Promotion and Representation



Education & Learning

Partnering with Sportzplanet gains you a team of experts who have your needs in mind, providing guidance and direction in all areas of professional and personal management. Our team has played, coached and managed at the elite level of sport and business.

We provide pathways in sport, access to the worlds best camps, clinics and academy's across all sports. If you've ever wanted to reach the top then this is where you start.

  • Football Academy's

  • Football Camps

  • Full-time sport and education campuses 

  • Management & Coaching

  • Dedicated Football Programs, play in actual matches

  • Team Tours


Elite Athlete

Elite Services

Our team has succeeded at the highest levels in sport and business. We know what it takes to get there and how to stay at the top. Providing guidance to athletes and sporting teams is what we excel at.

We help plan and coordinate the way forward. 

  • Planning and Scheduling 

  • Matching skill with opportunity

  • Guidance

  • Athlete & Talent Management services

  • Advisory and Contract Facilitation


Social Media


Working with leading Asian based enterprises to coordinate sports people's media presence to take in the many available media opportunities selling and promoting brands. Many leading Asian brands are looking for international sports people, past and present to help in their brand awareness campaigns. 

Sportzplanet has companies available looking to enhance their products and services exposure. Asia is a massive untapped market, so talk to Sportzplanet today. Let's get active. 

  • Media & Social Media opportunities

  • Product promotion

  • International exposure